Community activist, co-organizer also charged following altercation at Wilmington Housing Authority


DJ McAneny Via WDEL

Two more individuals have been charged in connection to a fight that broke out prior to a meeting between Wilmington Housing Authority officials, elected officials, and residents of the Park View Apartments complex. 

Additionally charged Tuesday after turning themselves in at Wilmington Police headquarters were community activist Jeff Day and co-organizer Carl Webster. Both face the same charges as WHA Operations Manager Andrew Johnson, one count of offensive touching. 

After being informed of his charges and processed, Day reacted outside the Wilmington Police Department. 

"I still feel confused. That's all I'm left with, confusion. I've reached out to help people. This is not the path that I saw this going down. I definitely didn't foresee any of this happening," Day said. "I'm just left with confusion, but left also with knowledge that I'm going to keep following up and working with the residents at Park View to make sure that the living conditions that they're currently living under, continue to be worked on and hopefully change for the better."

Joining Day and Webster Tuesday as they turned themselves in was former police officer and Executive Director of the Total Justice Project Terence Jones, who called the process since the fight and the subsequent charges "outrageous."

"So what happened very troubling. I was asked to be an advocate for Jeff Day, and we spoke on the phone...He sent me a video of what transpired, and the video was very disturbing, because what I saw was a Good Samaritan trying to help senior citizens to better their conditions at an apartment complex," Jones said. 

Before a meeting about those conditions could ever get underway, a heated exchange as organizers of the meeting and building officials squared off ultimately led to a physical altercation caught on camera exclusively by WDEL. 

"Jeff had organized the meeting and tried to explain that to [Johnson]. He then tried to close the door and Jeff tried to open the door. And then it seemed like Andrew Johnson acted, in my opinion, as a thug," Jones said. "He was very, very aggressive to this Good Samaritan, who was just there to support the senior citizens in the building. And he ended up coming at him Jeff very, very aggressively."

Jones said Day was forced to wrap Johnson in a "bear hug" when it appeared Johnson was "going to assault a senior citizen." 

While Day has a court appearance scheduled for the end of this week, Jones said he's going to pursue conversations with higher authorities to see if the charges can't be dismissed altogether. 

"I want to try to have a meeting with the Attorney General Kathleen Jennings to have these charges dismissed," Jones said. "This nonsense should not go on; they should not be permitted to to take advantage of the system in order to protect a city worker. That city worker should be fired. He assaulted Jeff, and it's caught on video."

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