Curfew for Delaware's restaurants & bars expired, sports permitted with restrictions


While a Stay-at-Home advisory and universal indoor mask mandate both remain in effect, Governor John Carney on Friday announced he was making his fifth revision to his novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic omnibus emergency order, expiring the 10 p.m. curfew at restaurants and bars, and allowing sports to resume in a restricted fashion.

The expiration on Delaware's restaurants and bars curfew goes into effect immediately. They must, however, continue to display signage explaining rules about parties being from the same household and mask compliance.

“As we come out of the winter holiday season, we are keeping these restrictions in place so that we can protect Delaware’s hospital capacity and protect lives,” said Carney. “We are balancing the need for a healthy community and a healthy economy, but we can’t let our guard down. Let’s all do our part, and do what works. Wear a mask. Don’t gather socially with friends or family outside your household. Stay vigilant.”

Hospitalizations due to COVID-19 remain a priority, but Carney and public health officials said the situation is currently stable enough to reintroduce "all games, matches, and competitions," while restricting maximum occupancy to sports facilities at 30%, including athletes, coaches, and other staff. One individual accompanying an athlete is not included in the 30% limit, but additional spectators are barred from events.

Anyone participating in out-of-state tournaments or competitions must then immediately self-quarantine upon returning to Delaware, Carney said.

The out-of-state quarantine continues to affect sports, including ice hockey and indoor track, where there are limited to no available facilities for those athletes at the moment.

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