"Delaware Giving Day" Official Holiday March, 5th


Tony Valuez

"Delaware Giving day" was made an official Delaware holiday for March 5, it was passed by the DGA on 1/30/20.

What is Delaware giving day? It is a day for people to come out and Donate money to Businesses, Non-profits, & Philanthropy that serves the Delaware people.

It technically is a 24-hour event because it's from March 5-6, but that is fine, who doesn't like extended holidays!

Even though this Holiday doesn't grant off from work or school It is great for people to acquire extra funds to push their dream or service forward or even get the word out about your service that people may not have known about.

The cost for Non-Profits to be in the event is free, and the cost for regular businesses/ services to be in the event is a low cost of $70 a good price to pay for more advertisement and donations to your business.

Here is more info from the Do more 24 website

"All participating nonprofits who raise money on March 5-6 will be matched on a pro-rated basis from our stretch pool (which currently sits at $40,000). There will also be many prizes and other incentives for participating organizations, including a "How To Do More" toolkit and robust marketing support.

Any questions? Email Sarah Fulton at sarah@spurimpact.org or Schlonn Hawkins at shawkins@uwde.org for assistance."

Contact Tony Valuez @ Valuezservices@gmail.com if you have any stories or questions that you would like to share!

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