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Center City 4th of July

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Many projects are currently arising in Center City Philly; bringing new density, businesses, people, and character to the World Class city.

We here at ValuezTV have some VDrone Photo updates to share.

LVL North @ 510 Broad St

Recently completed LVL North @ Broad St will add 410 apartments to the neighborhood along with 300 underground parking spaces, 47,774 square feet of retail space, and 67,727 square feet of office space. A Giant Grocery Store is occupying the ground floor commercial space.

Previously a 18 Story High-rise with office space, 144 apartment units and ground floor commercial space was revised into the current 7 Story Mid-rise.

545 N Broad Under Construction

Across the street from LVL North; 545 N Broad is currently under construction and we would say about 65% complete as far as facade and floors go.

This project is a 9 story, 108 unit, with ground floor commercial space Mid-rise. Total square feet of space in the building is 152,635; with 11,130 square feet of commercial space. 31 Vehicle spots, and 51 bicycle spots are included with this structure.

Broad and Noble Under Construction

Coming in at 19 Floors, 231 Feet, and with Class, Style, and Charisma we are giving you this project at Broad & Noble. Right next to the entrance of the Rail Park, and across the street from the Philadelphia School District Building, and Recently Renovated New headquarters of the Philadelphia Police Department, this project is let's say right in the center of everything.

This project will have 368 apartment units, office space, and commercial space. The corner next to the commercial space and entrance of the rail park will have a plaza set up with seating, bike parking, and outdoor space.

This project is slated for completion around 2023.

The end of the Rail Park & the incomplete Phase II & III to the right and upper left.

1201 Spring Garden St Prepped for Construction

1201 Spring Garden St is prepped and ready for its 6 Story 46 Unit Mixed-use building that is spearheaded by Arts+Holdings. The project will include 13 parking spaces, a roof deck & ground floor commercial space.

This project will certainly wake up the dead-zone in the area bringing life to a already growing strip.

New Style Row-homes being built up the street from the 1201 Spring Garden Project.

One Dock St Making its way up

Society Hill Towers ( designed by architect I. M. Pei ) were the biggest on the block for decades, now they have a new contender on the block, One Dock St.

The Newest addition to the Society Hill neighborhood will stand at 372 Feet with 31 floors with 272 Apartments, and will also connect to the neighboring Marriott Hotel.

Work is slated to be complete in September of 2023.

Below are VDrone Shots of the construction site and area.

Up the road from this project at the Riverfront is the planned 95 Cap and Development that is poised to take place in the next few years with the 95 Highway cap beginning construction in 2023/24, and the Riverfront Development following.

On Delaware Ave we have a couple big projects developing, first up we have.

300 N Columbus Blvd being prepped.

300 N Christopher Columbus Blvd is taking on new heights; 25 Stories at 316 Feet. This high-rise will have amazing views of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Riverfront & Camden. The high-rise will also contain ground floor commercial, 116 Parking spots, 123 Bicycle parking spots, and a plaza/park area.

This project also sits on historic land; which in the past was a Shipyard area when the River was currently where Christopher Columbus Blvd is today. Due to the history of this lot the Durst organization ( which is the developer of this project) also hired archaeological advisors to study and collect colonial artifacts from the site.

This project should be completed in the next couple years as construction efforts ramp up.

Below are Renders of the project.

501 N Columbus Blvd being prepped for construction at former Festival Pier

An incinerator, Festival Pier, and now a Major Mixed-use Development? That's what the plans are now for the plot of land at the end of Spring Garden St.

470 total units, retail space with a Sprouts Market being the main anchor, EL access a block away, and amazing riverfront views makes this project a 5/5.

A total of 313 car spaces and 181 bicycle spaces are included in this project about 3/4 of the amount of units.

With the amount of projects booming along the riverfront we will see a unrecognizable area in the next 5-10 years.

918 Delaware Ave


918 N Delaware Ave is seeing some changes and may I say they are indeed good. A Mixed-use development is rumbling about, and progress is being made everyday.

124,937 square feet across 6 buildings with 462 units, and commercial space is currently being developed, 144 Parking spots, and 162 Bicycle spaces will be included.

This project and the many others on Delaware ave including the Penn Treaty Park Development are filling in the gaps along the riverfront energizing the area.

Below are Some shots of lots with Paused/Cancelled projects.

Lastly in today's read we have a big project at Penn Treaty Park AKA "The BATTERY"

The Battery @ Penn Treaty Park

Once a generating station for PECO this Ginormous building up against the Riverfront, and popular Penn Treaty park is now generating some new electrifying plans.

This Project has 3 Phases and with Phase I already underway we can tell this project is gonna be major for this area; Phase I calls for heavy Rehabilitation of the main building which will hold 239 Apartment units, 49K Square feet of office space, an additional 45 units, and 25K square feet of event space, plans for a floating stage are accompanying the event space for events/concerts.

Phase II & III Call for Mid-Rises along with outdoor space and extension of the riverwalk.

Along with the main building it will include apartments, furnished short-term units, office and co-working space, with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a project of this scale. Landscaped outdoor space, a state-of-the-art gym, and an expansive roof deck.

Look out for more Development Updates from ValuezTV.

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