New OHS campaign targets FOMO-related impaired driving


Frank Gerace

Delaware's Office of Highway Safety (OHS) is reminding you not to drive under the influence with a new campaign designed to show the consequences of impaired driving.

Some people might think smoking pot makes them drive better, but they're wrong, said Cindy Cavett with OHS.

"It actually makes someone a worse driver, because it impairs your motor skills, your lane tracking and other abilities that are critical to safe driving--in fact,

after alcohol, marijuana is the drug most often found in the system(s) of drivers involved in crashes," said Cavett.

What about over-the-counter or prescription drugs? In many cases, they're a no-no too.

There's an easy way to tell if a drug is one you shouldn't take before driving, said Cavett.

"If it alters your ability to think clearly, if it alters your ability to make decisions and utilize those motor skills that we need in order to get behind the wheel of a 1,500 or 2,000-pound vehicle, before we drive, then you're impaired," said Cavett.

Cavett said the agency's new campaign focuses on young people's FOMO, or "Fear Of Missing Out," which may lead them to risky behaviors like drinking or taking drugs and driving, which could cause them to miss out on the rest of their lives.

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