Rehoboth's mayor to outline his reopening plan this week


Sean Greene

Rehoboth Beach Mayor Paul Kuhns will introduce his plan to steadily reopen the beach community from the COVID-19 pandemic at a pair of meetings this week.

Kuhns will speak at a special virtual commissioners meeting Tuesday at 9 a.m., and then his proposal could be up for a vote during their normal meeting Friday at 11 a.m.

An outline released on the City's website on Friday continues to have most facilities closed, including the beach and boardwalk, through the current "Phase 0." He did note that there should be a consideration to reopen the boardwalk for business access.

Phase 1 of his plan would align with Delaware's move to Phase 1, which Governor John Carney announced last Friday is tentatively slated for June 1.

Kuhn's plan reopens the beach and boardwalk with unspecified limitations, also opening up the Rehoboth Avenue restrooms and the Farmer's Market.

Phase 2, which based on the CDC and White House Coronavirus Task Force guidelines wouldn't come until at least 14 days after Phase 1 begins, opens up all restrooms and reinstates beach rentals. Some of the benches on the boardwalk and at the bandstand would also be replaced.

Phase 3, which again would come 14 days after Phase 1, so by guidance could not happen before June 29, would fully open the beach and boardwalk, reopen playgrounds, and bring back the rest of the benches, while maintaining limitations on large gatherings at the beach.

Governor Carney has not specifically addressed how Delaware's beaches fall into Delaware's three-phase plan, but he has said he's been in contact with Delaware's coastal mayors about their concerns going into their busy season.

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