Tony Bazemore


MAY 30TH - Protesters started out peaceful in the afternoon, however the protests took over to become rowdy and destructive just like they did in other cities across the US.

The issue here is those who were actually causing the commotion were destroying black owned, and minority owned businesses. kind of defeating the point of the protests.

The fact that excuses like "Business owners have insurance" or "it's owned by the white man, minorities don't own anything" is truly ignorant to everyone including themselves.

Crying wolf when acting as the wolf is an excuse many communities keep using to justify their reasons for being in the situations they're in. If those who did this actually tried to make better decisions and learn things they wanted to know instead of being ignorant we might see some true change.

Blaming others is easier then trying though.

Imagine if we all came together and protested like that when a black life was taken by another black life, or to even clean up a community.

It's understood that Racism started in America, but the hatred continued with us.

If we want change we have to go out and do it, we can build businesses, homes, & more from the ground up just like many of our minorities groups do everyday without any issues.

Everyones culture has good and bad apples, we can't let the bad overlook all the good that happens. Now is the time for using the solutions instead of focusing on the problems.

Will we overcome our own ignorance?

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