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Route 9 Redefined

Mike Phillips - WDEL

State and community leaders, and Delaware's Congressional delegation, gathered on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, at Rose Hill Community Center to officially announce a $6-million federal planning grant for transportation and transit improvements to the Route 9 corridor.

Congresswoman Lisa Blunt-Rochester said the grant is through the RAISE program.

"This stands for Rebuilding our infrastructure with sustainability and equity. Equity. Equity.

That's what this is about," said Blunt-Rochester. "This is about being heard and seen, so that you can be safe, so that you can get a good job, so that you can breathe clean air."

Senator Chris Coons said it offers planners and developers a redo for the area.

"It was too much, too close together, built out too quickly," said Coons. "You've got industrial, right next to commercial, right next to residential, and we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fix some of the things that have made this a hard place to live."

Department of Transportation Secretary Nicole Majeski said DelDOT's job is to connect people.

"To improve their quality of life and help create communities," said Majeski. "Community centered transportation is how we do this and the Route 9 area is a perfect place to implement this strategy."

Majeski said the planning grant is the gateway to future projects.

"That will ultimately help us invest more than $90-million in this corridor to improve safety and access to all modes of transportation."

Governor John Carney said improving transit access is a key component.

"Twenty five percent of the people here don't have cars, so if there are all these jobs and we don't have a way to get the people to those jobs, then it's just a dream, right?"

Majeski said DelDOT will be attending community meetings to help ascertain the public's priorities for planning along the corridor.

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