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U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders formally endorsed former Vice President and Delaware U.S. Sen. Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination for president. 

Sanders made the announcement in a streaming presentation. Both Sanders and Biden have been in lockdown mode after coronavirus led to an end of political rallies and public events.

Biden has stayed at his Delaware home. His campaign his based in Philadelphia with staff working from home.

The endorsement had been expected after Sanders dropped out of the presidential race.

Biden scored a number of decisive primary victories that made Sanders’ path to the nomination difficult. It also took away Sanders’ ability to attract sizable crowds at campaign rallies.

Sanders  wants Biden to incorporate some of the positions he has espoused during his presidential campaign.

 Sanders is known for having a passionate following that endorses a bigger role for government, Medicare for all and taxes on the wealthy.

How far Biden, whose political stance has already shifted to the left, remains unclear. The former vice president still needs to appeal to moderates and independents who still hold the key to defeating President Trump’s bid for a second term.

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