State, city authorities team up to pump the brakes on illegal Newark street racing

Dj McAneny Via WDEL

Delaware authorities are two months into a year-long effort to curb illegal street racing in the city of Newark.

"Over the past several months, we've received reports from residents...about excessive speed," said Newark Police Lt. Andrew Rubin. "What they termed as drag racing."

The Delaware State Police are teaming up with Newark Police via a state government grant to conduct operations addressing a growing issue of aggressive driving, speeding, and dangerous moving violations, authorities announced this week.

"The Office of Highway Safety organized an initiative to try to address these concerns that just kept continuously coming in, and led to, in some cases, collisions, and over the summer we had the one death along Fashion Center Boulevard," said the DSP's Cpl. Jason Hatchell.

Hatchell said in the first two months of the efforts--really two nights of saturated police presence to target problem areas--authorities have seen considerable success.

"There were 37 citations issued, a DUI, seatbelts, cellphones, and an array of traffic arrests," he said. "In addition, there were six drug arrests--three of which were felonies--that came from this proactive enforcement."

The efforts will continue throughout the year in an effort to push instances of illegal street racing lower in the city, Rubin said,

"We intend to continue the enforcement on various nights and various times during the day when we have these incidents happen," he said. "Certainly we've been doing it for a few months, and we'll continue that going forward."

"It's an operation that's going to continue and [a situation] we'll continue to monitor," Hatchell said. "Obviously, we definitely encourage the public, if they see something, say something. If they see some street racing, definitely call 911 or your local jurisdiction to report we can try to catch these offenders, in most cases repeat offenders."

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