State officials discuss new criminal-record expungement process

Delaware Online-

State officials discuss Saturday morning the new criminal-record expungement process now available in the First State.

Signed into law by Governor John Carney in June, the Delaware Adult Expungement Reform Act attempts to provide a second chance to those convicted of certain criminal charges.

The act expunges mandatory charges for which a person has never been found guilty and some isolated misdemeanors once a petition has been filed with the State Bureau of Investigation.

The law also allows other charges to be expunged at the discretion of judges with input from both the Delaware Department of Justice and any victims affected by the crime in question.

Certain more serious offenses will not qualify for expungement without a pardon.

Senator Darius J. Brown sponsored the bill. It's seen as an anti-crime and jobs bill because the new law will help remove barriers to employment and housing that many face long after they served time.

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