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The current virus going around is creating a wave of panic all around the world.

Many News stations, blogs, & people are reporting on the Coronavirus every day, the numbers on who has been infected, who died & who has recovered, but no one has been giving the useful information on what to do to prevent your self from getting infected or even help others in this current situation. What is known so far about the virus is that it is a newly discovered coronavirus (Cornaviruses are viruses that are transmitted between animal-human, usually through eating not fully cooked food).

So Coronaviruses have already been around examples of some would-be MERS, SARS & more, MERS & SARS affected the world around 90's-00.

What makes this virus so different is the fact that symptoms sometimes won't show for 2-15 days or the person may not even have any symptoms aka Asymptomatic. This then creates the issue of people spreading it to others and the numbers doubling before even feeling ill.

At this time their are no vaccines or treatments for it, but clinical trials for a vaccine have been started in the US/CANDA (but won't be available for a year or more)& treatments are being tested as we speak.

Now here are some ways you can strengthen your immune system & kill the Virus (COVID-19)


Clorox wipes, bleach, disinfectants can kill COVID-19 or any "Coronavirus".

Sanitize objects you touch daily.


Take probiotic+

Avoid over the counter drugs, this weakens your immune system as your regular "gut bacteria" are not strong when you take other over the counter drugs.

Take other Vitamins "Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C powder".

Superfoods: "Raw garlic, Oregano oil, Manuka oil".

Manage your stress, stress can bring your immune system and mentality clarity down.

Also, their have been posts going around saying that Gargling warm salt water will kill the COVID-19 bacteria in your throat that has been proven false by WHO & DOH.

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