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The virus that is sweeping the world by storm COVID-19 started around December of 2019 in Wuhan, China.

The rest of the world wasn't alarmed by the virus until it started spreading, and spreading and spreading.

Despite the warnings from doctors and residents in China, the rest of the world ignored it, even Chinese officials tried to silence or warn people not to say anything, little did they know they were too late.

it is estimated that millions of people left Wuhan between December and January a little to late as officials began to seal borders on JAN, 23. If only this was done as soon as they heard about the outbreak it probably wouldn't have reached the magnitude that it is at.

But to every bad thing, there is a good one, Wuhan has announced its 2nd day with only 1 reported case of COVID-19, compare that to 4,000 a day a month ago, this confirms that China's Quarantine and lockdown measures are working, even though some residents are feeling mistreated.

Italy is another Epicenter with 35,713 cases, 4,000 recovered. Italy is a very sensitive area due to the majority of its population being older. This is an issue since this virus affects our old & immunocompromised populations.

So far in the US, there have been 8025 cases and 125 deaths the number has been rising day by day but Cities, Businesses & more have been shutting down or limiting service to stop the spread. San Francisco has just initiated a shelter in place to slow the spread as well this means that only travel for food, medical attention or to help a relative is allowed, The order will remain in place till April 7th.

Two U.S Navy Hospital ships will be sent to the East & West coast to help ease the strain on hospitals, these boats have 1000 hospital beds on them.

the Trump administration plans to send stimulus checks to every American by early April to pay the bills. The amount of money that the checks would be is anywhere from $1000 & up.

Now that all the news is out of the way, for now, We are gonna give some quarantine tips.

#1 Make sure you have plenty of food, water, & any other supplies you would need to stay in the house, remember you can still go outside but social distance your self from others.

#2 Work on projects you've been putting off.

#3 Use the time to relax if you have been working yourself too hard, maybe it was time for a break.

#4 Play Videogames, exercise, have fun with family, don't look at this time as a bad thing use it at your advantage, it's like having an adult summer vacation.

#5 Have faith that things will work out, remember we are the ones that can fix this if we follow directions.

#6 Learn some new things, read, write, just keep your self busy.

#7 Help those who can't help themselves easily, run errands and check on others.

This isn't the first epidemic and surely won't be the last, but planning, working together & learning can make sure everything works out as best as it can, remember the saying


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