Two brothers work to bring a music scene to Delaware.


Tony Valuez - ValuezTv

MEW3 Crew is what they go by, the Dynamic duo Master Dex & HD (Horny Devil)

are two brothers that are creating the new Music scene in Delaware.

The brothers create music & host a "Jam Session" at the Chris white in Wilmington, De. Which showcases artists New and Veteran on the stage to display their talents.

In Delaware the music scene is lacking or broken apart, as many people do not work together, and artists try to form themselves in their own separate cliques, But MEW3 is changing that. creating community events to bring the people and artists together they work with many names big & small.

A little background into the duo would show that HD creates the beats and during their performances you will see him on stage playing an instrument, and Master Dex on the Mic creating lyrical massacres. The brothers are polar opposites, but when they work together its like a 5 course meal.

Their music is a mix of Rap, Neo soul and R&B which is a pretty crazy combination but its perfect like a pearled joint, take it as you want just check their music out on Youtube they just dropped a new single called "Classical condition" filmed by Jet Phynx based off of the show "Family matters" a great song and video to check out!

Check them out on IG @MEW3Baby IG @Firststatejamsession

This is Tony Valuez checking out.

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