We destroyed our communities.


Tony Valuez - ValuezTv

From city to city, state to state we see the same things, hear the same stories.

Our communities may be poor, dilapidated, and depressed, but they were not always like that.

We may have be been dealt the "short end of the stick" in the past, but black people made it work. We owned businesses, invented new creations, lived in clean communities, and cared about one another. In, fact statistics show that we decreased in self-owned businesses from 1960 to 1980, don't believe me check the statistics yourself.

As black communities started to feel the effects of the crack epidemic in which we were the major part takers in, black businesses started to shut down, homes started to suffer, marriages suffered and families suffered, this caused decade rippling effects that are slowly started to shake off of communities today but are very much still there. Our Morale was gone.

Many times a narrative that white people put us into this situation is brought up, and yes that may have been true, however, if that was still the case we would still be in that predicament.

Black businesses are now finally starting to build up with 1.9 Million black-owned Businesses (2012) in many different sectors. This is fortunately due to the addition of technology and black leaders standing up and spreading the message to black people that we can own anything in this world, which in turn sparks the mind of younger black people when they are given a positive outlook on life rather than a negative one.

Another sickening fact is that we cause the majority of crimes to ourselves, and others, but our communities doubt that there is any problem.

Per the article - "Despite making up just 13% of the population, black people commit around half of the homicides in the United States. DOJ statistics show that between 1980 and 2008, blacks committed 52% of homicides, compared to 45% of homicides committed by whites." that's the majority of our population.

There were almost 6,000 black people killed by other black people in 2015.

By contrast, only 258 blacks were killed by police gunfire that year.

This number should be alarming since we kill our people 24X the amount that police officers kill a black person. We shouldn't have anybody killing anybody but there is a problem with our community.

More white people were shot, and killed by a police officer then a black person. even being white can result in death by a police officer.

In 1960 78% of black families were two-parent households that means 22% were single-parent households, by 1968 the number rose to 31.4% by 2006 56%.

in 2006 91.4% of single parents of black children were mothers.

“Until that gap closes, the crime gap won’t close, either,”.

However, we do have areas of improvement in 1964 half of black students graduated high school, compare that to the 70% of white students that did graduate, that number has now grown to 85% graduation for both white and black students, but the number of black students that repeated grades or were suspended was half of that for white students compared to 21%, half of the male black students have been suspended.

We also have more black millionaires and billionaires then the past consisting of rappers, businesspeople, doctors, CEO's & the list goes on.

If we can reinforce positive behaviors, and empower our people to do the right thing instead of trying to look "cool" or better then everyone we can have vibrant rich communities, we must as a people work together and realize that there is a surplus of money and opportunity in this world for us, for everyone.

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