What to know for the 2020 presidential election.


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The 2020 Presidential election is around the corner, literally a couple of months away, as we know the 2016 Presidential election was a very interesting one, to say the least.

However, we shouldn't be so quick to listen to what grandma, your friend or teacher says. Instead, try to search up the info you want to know your self and see what a couple of reliable non-bias sites say.

As we all know most people dislike Donald Trump a lot, and that's ok, we do not have to like everyone most people should use logic and see that Trump is a businessman before anything else so business-wise he is moving in the right direction for the country, but how other countries view the U.S is down at the moment. That being said we should always judge a person on what they do, not what they say, but sometimes what you say does matter to an extent.

Could Donald Trump be more careful about what he says or how he says it? Yes, he could, but then you wouldn't be seeing how he feels, it would be fake emotions, it's better to have real and raw rather than fake and phony. anyway, enough about Trump let's look into the other candidates for the 2020 election.

So far we have many Candidates looking to run, but we are going to talk about the candidates that are most likely to be the front runner V.S. Donald Trump.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are the two names that are contesting for states right now, they seem to have the biggest following with Polls from Dec 14, 2019, showing Joe Biden with a 31% Approval and Sanders with a 22% Approval.

There are many issues on the table for candidates to address to win in 2020 from recreational cannabis to gun control many people young, and old want to know what the (Next) president would do.

Bernie Sanders is seen as a socialist-communist when in reality he is just a democrat with some socialism ideas, many people are mixing up the words socialism and communism which have two very different meanings. However what many of you should know is that we already have Socialism in America, programs such as Medicare, Food-stamps, welfare, Programs funded by taxpayers for taxpayers and the list goes on.

Simply wanting programs for everyone does not mean you are a socialist-communist. Bernie proposes "College for all" "New Green Deal" "Tax on Extreme Wealth", and the list goes on. Bernie could be a big competitor against Trump.

Now Joe Biden, once Barack Obama's Vice President is running for president and he is mostly approved by the older crowd, he wants to "rebuild the backbone of America, the middle class" "Make democracy equal for everyone", many important issues that many people believe are very important, this Is why Biden is a big competitor against Bernie as well as trump. although Biden has had some slip-ups he seems to remain a strong candidate.

Now let us not forget that our current President, Donald Trump still has a strong following in the country as well as new followers even as he has lost some of his original followers from his first presidential win in 2016, Trump still has much headway to win the 2020 Election 

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