Artists in the Tri-State



SpaceDr3 an artist from the Tri-state area, with a flow that makes tracks sound as smooth as butter. DR3's attitude and energy makes you gravitate towards him with open arms, he is no stranger of showing people a good time, he can make any space as lively as a rave in the middle of summer.



Desmirera a 5 in 1 artist, his eye for Photos, videos and art is incomparable to anyone else, Des has a mix of 80's in his videos with the new graphical capabilities of the 2020's. He has worked with many people and continues to push his wave of work with his company Lite Research. 



JQ an artist from the Tri-state area, you could say his flow is comparable to the new Rap-alternative artists that have been coming from the underground in the past few years, but he has a different twist in his music, going against the grain while also making music everyone can listen to.




MEW3CREW a group from the Tri-state with the record label Dupont Records. This duo isn't new to music or the culture, they host a "Jam session" every month for artist's new and old to show there craft. the brothers both have talents, that when put together it is like a 5 course meal, even tho they are two polar opposites ....they connect.



NateMillikinngz an artist from the Tri-state apart of a a group that goes by SBC. Nate is an up&coming artist that flows about his experiences he has overcome.



CRMC a group from Chester, PA. A dynamic duo Barzy and Fats, with beats made from Jahlil beats creates music that can have you  in a party or seriously thinking about life. Coming from an environment that many people don't make it out of they are bringing light to those in similar situations.  



Tnice a artist out of Chester, PA.

beat the odds of his environment coming from Chester a city in PA most don't make it out of. Tnice's music is a reflection of pain & wisdom learned along the walk of life, bringing a different sound to the culture. as he makes his way up the charts he continues to stand on what he believes and give back to the community.

Jaz Carter


Jaz Carter an artist out of Chester, PA.

changes lives by giving haircuts now, she also is from the city of Chester, PA which is not known for great things. Jaz is known by everyone and always gave back to those in the community, her fresh cuts, great service & being a great person is what makes her the best, Jaz always makes sure everyone she knows is in the best state of mind.



Jeremiah is an artist out of the Tri-state.

An up&coming artist who has a completely different style from other artists, Jeremiah mixes Neo-soul with rap creating smooth cruising music wether that be in your car or in your mind the choice is yours.

John Streetz


John Streetz an artist out of the Tri-state, brings soul soothing music to the people. His songs which express trials and tribulations are a mix of rap & alternative which sounds like a heavenly melody on every track. John has been working on his craft for years, and year after year he gives consistent content.



CeoNafees a real estate mogul from the Tri-State. Has made it to being known as one one of the biggest investors in the area. Coming from the streets he stuck to wanting more for hisself and the others he cared for around him he stuck to his goal of being successful and grinded his way to the top even with misfortune, and hardships in the way.



Neesahe a artist from the Tri-state. 

Has angel like vocals with a style that only the heavens can imagine.

  Neesah's music sounds like she has multiple platinum records but she is just starting out in the game, her music can be comparable to Neosoul and R&B.



Ayedaztsmazi an artist from the tri-state creates hip-hop bangers, listening to his songs will automatically get you in a hype mood.



Sixela an artist from the D.C. Metro has a different style from her clothing to music, and she's proud to show it. her music is a mix of R&B & Soul. soothing to the soul a matter of fact



Huff an artist & clothing line owner from the Tri-state is a beast on the drums, he blesses the church every time he plays them at service, He also owns a clothing line called "Pure Talent" I guess that's why they call him "Mr.CEO". 

IQ an artist from the Tri-state is an artist with a lot of confidence and determination. His music is different from any artist in the rap game, it has a message in it but also can be played in a Club.

Jerry Slinger


Jerry Slinger, an artist from the Tri-state has been in the music game for 3 years now, His style is clean and smooth. his music is made for getting hype, don't put his track on expecting to chill.



JRomel an artist from the Tri-state has a flow with a 90's mix to it, bringing back a classic sound but mixing it with the new, that's called a recreation. His performances are a sight to see, it makes you want to see it again.



Hazelies an artist from the Tri-state, is creating a different sound in music you could compare it to the new wave of music that Juicewrld & others have created but it has a different sound to it, her music is a mix of Hip-hop/Alternative.





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